Benefits of engaging in Nature-Play

Children who play regularly in natural settings are sick less often. Mud, sand, water, leaves, sticks, pine cones and gum nuts can help to stimulate children’s immune system as well as their imagination.

Children who spend more time outside tend to be more physically active and less likely to be overweight.

Children who play in natural settings are more resistant to stress; have lower incidence of behavioural disorders, anxiety and depression; and have a higher measure of self-worth.

Children who play in natural settings play in more diverse, imaginative and creative ways and show improved language and collaboration skills. Single use, repetitive play equipment becomes boring quickly.

Natural, irregular and challenging spaces help kids learn to recognise, assess and negotiate risk and build confidence and competence.

Children who play in nature have more positive feelings about each other.

Bullying behaviour is greatly reduced where children have access to diverse nature-based play environments.

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder are reduced after contact with nature.